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8 intelligences according to Howard Gardner

They learn best through reading, writing, listening and oral / verbal expression.

They learn through classification, categorization, and think abstractly about patterns, relationships and numbers.

They learn music using rhythm or melody, especially when singing or listening to music.

They learn best by working or viewing things using the mind's eye. Visual people learn the most from images, charts and other visual aids.

They learn best through touch and movement. They work better standing and moving rather than sitting still.

They learn through interacting with others to share, compare, and cooperating. Students can make excellent interpersonal group leaders.

They learn best by working alone and the establishment of individual goals. They are not necessarily shy; They are independent and organized.

They learn to work with nature. Naturalists Students enjoy learning about living things and natural phenomena. They can excel in science and very passionate about environmental issues.


What would you want to do for the rest of your life if money wasn’t a limitation?

Write and rate from 1 to 3 top 3 talents.
[Being 1 the highest]

Write and rate from 1 to 3 your top 3 passions.
[Being 1 the highest]



How many times per week do you exercise:
How many fruits/vegetables do you eat per day:


How many verbal positive gestures you share per day
How many physical positive gestures you share per day:


How many books do you read per year:
How many times a day you practice mental games:


How many prayers you say per day:
How many times you thank life for what you got:


How many gatherings you have per month:
How many times you make social service per month:


What percentage of your monthly income you save up:
How many financial planning you do per month: