TOOLS - Easily manage your social networks. - SEO and Digital marketing tool. - Know the trends in real time. - Measure the impact of your brand. - Analyzes, classifies and reports terms and hashtags on twitter. - Manage your social networks. - Measure your popularity on social networks. - Know your competitors’ online campaigns. - Check available social network names and domains. - Back-up and access your information from any device. - Develop your webpage in minutes. - Find the most shared content for any topic or domain. - Start a petition. - Create videos and free tutorials. - Check if your business idea will succeed. - Get online funds. - Post online PPC or cost per impression (CPM) ads. - Detailed statistics of web traffic on your site. - Tools on how to start a business. - Sell online. - Send massive emails. - Hire freelance professionals in Latin America. - Heat maps and Visitor Insights. - Convert more visitors into customers. - Point of sale. - Create and publish online surveys. - Share and find online presentations. - Understand what your personal style and strengths. - Customer Relationship Managment. - Instantly generates detailed reports on your website. - You and receive online payments quickly and safely.

Scanner Pro app - Scan documents with your Smartphone.

CamCard app - Save cards with one click.