Social entrepreneur

Business Profit Maximization

Pure / Dividends Gains

Profitable business that aims to maximize shareholder value without direct social mission.

Responsible Business

Good Earnings / Dividend

Profitable business that pays dividends to its investors, acts responsibly according to a high code of conduct and uses the proceeds to engage in CSR [Corporate Social Responsibility].

Inclusive Business

Profit and do good

Targets low-income communities located at the base of the pyramid, offering a profitable business model that seeks to benefit the sustainable livelihoods.

Social Business

Profit without dividends

Profitable business with zero-dividend policy that has the unique mission to serve the needs of society.

Hybrid Nonprofit

Charity (no) profits, excluding dividends

Charities that follow a social objective and financed through donations and some income-generating activities.

Non profit

Charity, without profit, excluding dividends

Charities that follow a social purpose and are mainly financed through donations.



1. Supports the local economy

2. Reduce your consumption of all types of meat and dairy

3. Say NO to GMOs

4. Plant at least a part of what you eat

5. No drugs use natural alternatives

6. No plastic bags

7. Bulk purchase

8. Recycle your trash

9. Take care of the water

10. Use renewable energy

11. Find out and learn

12. Leads by example

13. Listen to your heart - Follow your heart

14. Do not watch tv better read

15. Be always positive


If I change...
the world changes